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    Color Laser Printer

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Wife and I share a Brother B&W laser printer, and she has a color inkjet connected to her computer... but she grumbles every time she tries to print in color, and forgets to turn on the inkjet AND select it in the print dialog


      So, I'm thinking about surprising her with a shared color laser... we have a home network via DSL modem with 4 connections, of which we use 2 for our computers, so I should be able to connect a network ready printer... or use our current printer sharing "box" if the printer has a parallel connection (sort of unlikely, these days)


      I want one with 4 separate toner cartridges... Black and the 3 colors... so I don't have to replace an expensive "master" cartridge just 'cause one color got used up


      I also want one, if possible, that has a 2nd tray where I may mount 4x6 or full size 8.5 x 11 photo paper (training her to select the correct output tray is a whole different issue)


      Name brand and low cost (of printer and toner) are also important... doesn't have to be the fastest printer in the world, but it DOES have to last a long time


      Inkjet is NOT to be considered... we've had too many problems with ink cartridges and/or spray heads if a printer is not used every day


      Any suggestions on Brand & Model?