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    display module dynamically

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      Hey guys,

          I have tried this in the past but it hasn't worked for me, so I moved on with states.  Now with Flex 4, I hoping I will have better luck.  I haven't be able to find any examples so far, so I am wondering if any here has come across a similar UI issue, and perhaps implemented it.


           Base of my application is an Application NavBar and a ViewStack, each component in my view stack is displayed with wipeup/down effect.  One component of a view stack is search, which displays a form and an empty panel next to it, when user submits the form, panel is populated with a DataGrid with results of the search.


           What I want to do now is if user clicks on one of the rows in the DataGrid, a module be loaded, pass an ID of the row, and populate some details in the module, and have the display the module with wipeup/down effect in the view stack.  If user clicks on browser back button, the module in unloaded and search page is displayed again as it was before. (I hope  get the picture of what I am trying to accomplish)


           I can load a module, pass an ID and get detail from db, but I can't seem to get it to display correctly, and I haven't tried the browser behavior, although I have deep linking already setup.  If I add the module to my view stack then and empty button is displayed on my NavBar (which is undesirable).  In the past I had created a state, but that gets really messy considering all the subcomponents that are displayed in my detail state. 


           Any pointers? an example would really help.  Thanks for you help