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    thinking of upgrading


      I have premier elements 2.0.


      I'm thinking of buying Elements 7, if it can do this:

      Can it (through setting up of scene markers & menus & stuff) produce a DVD that will play a clip, then automatically pause on an image of my choosing, then play the next clip when I press enter (or play), then automatically pause again on that image, then play a third clip, then pause again on that image and so on and so on.


      Can elements 7 do this? More to the point can elements 2.0 do this?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Because of the rather linear and semi-automatic way that PrE (even PrE 7) authors a DVD, it will not do what you want.


          If your images are stills, I'd suggest that you look at ProShow Gold (or Producer) for SlideShow creation.


          If you have video, you might want to check out DVD Architect, for authoring. You'll probably have to do some custom Menus, and have the DVD "pause" on those, but you'll be able to control things much more.


          DVD Studio Pro can do this, but it's a US$275 program.


          Good luck,



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            I believe you could do what you want if you upgrade to Adobe's CS4 or CS3 by using the Encore program in these packages to build your Menus.  Adobe was offering an upgrade from Elements awhile back that I took advantage of or you might find a good deal on CS3 on eBay.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Yes, Encore can do this. I had not mentioned it, as it has only been available bundled with PrPro, as of CS3.


              Now, if one could find Encore 2.0 (I'd not go any earlier), and it will run on one's OS, that would be a good deal.


              In Encore, one would just have a Menu (the pause) with a hidden Button. The speaker/presenter would then just hit Enter on the remote to go to the next segment. If one wanted more than one selection, then the Buttons would NOT be hidden, but could be navigated to by the speaker/presenter.


              Too bad that Adobe chose to only sell Encore in a bundle.