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    Please Help, Issues when batch processing Multi Frame images in Fireworks


      I hope someone will know how to do this and tell me where I am going wrong.


      Objective 1

      I have a large number of images that all have the exact same number of frames (4) and are all exactly the same size that I want to get resized, cropped and water marked (when I say 'watermarked I mean have my websites logo pasted in a specificlocation on each frame, I have my websites logo as a seperate .png file which I copy from).


      Current Process

      I create a command which will crop the image then paste my companys url/log onto the first frame, move it to the correct location on the frame then copy it again and then paste it onto each of the other frames, the command then resizes the image tot he exact proportions I want.


      I start a batch process and use my command, making sure that I also export from the .png to animated gif (and I edit the settings to make it 256 animated gif).


      Error 1

      The process described above resizes and crops my images however it does NOT put the watermark in the correct place, it seems to put it int he right place on the first frame and then in a different place on all the followingn frames thus giving the effect of the watermark jumping around. Which is obviously NOT what I want.


      Question 1

      Please let me know what process I should be following to correct the Error 1 above.




      Objective & Question 2

      I want to do exactly the same thing as shown above but this time the files have a varying number of frames (from 2 to 45 frames (or instances as CS4 seems to call them)). Is there a way to paste my logo to the to the exact same location on ALL frames?



      Other information

      I have tried WHXY Paste extension and I can not see how to use that to solve the issue. I have also tried 'Paste in Place' however I can not see how to use the Paste In Place extension as it is not appering in my list of commands.


      Many thanks in advance for your help.