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    Adobe Media Encoder questions


      Hi everyone,


      I know this forum is on the Encoding SERVER, but there is not a designated forum for the Media Encoder and I couldn't find a more logical place to ask my questions. For that I appologize, but it seems that Adobe does not consider the Adobe Media Encoder as a separate product, but as integration to its other products (which i dont get,, anyways)


      First of all, I am using Adobe Media Encoder CS4. I am trying to set up a watch folder that "watches" a directory on my localhost server so that everytime a video file is uploaded it will be detected, put on the queue and then encoded and output in another directory. Sounds pretty straight forward, but I encountered several issues.


      1. I successfully create a watch folder, however, when I change the Preferences (Edit->Preferences), it does not apply the changes to the added files later on. I still need to manually change the output directory for each file manually. Is that normal behaviour?


      2. I assumed that the Encoder would start encoding automatically as soon as a file is added to the watch folder (or with a certain delay) and I wouldn't have to manually press the Start Queue button. Obviously it doesn't. Is that how it works in general?


      3. The third issue is related to the detection of the newly added files to the watch folder. Everything works perfectly, if I manually Copy and Paste files into that folder; the Encoder detects the new file and puts it in the queue. If, however, a file is added to that folder via PHP (HTTP/FTP upload), no change is detected by the Media Encoder and no file is added to the queue. If I manually insert another file to the watch folder again, THEN the encoder scans the folder and updates the queue. I guess this last issue is a bit more specific, but if someone has epxerienced the same problem, maybe can help.


      If all that is normal behaviour for the Adobe Media Encoder, and its purpose is to merely encode videos manually and requires you to do a lot of manual adjustments everytime, it seems a bit like a "not quite there" piece of software.

      I hope this is not done to direct people into getting the Flash Media Encoding Server, which I know is far more superiour, but costs quite a lot more


      Looking forward to your answers and I thank you in advance!



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          Hi, I'm having the same problem as you describe in #3. Have you received any clues on that? Seems like a clear bug to me.

          On #1, I modify the output folder on the watch folder "Output To" column in the lower pane of AME, and that will work for all files getting picked up by that watch agent. I don't do it in the preferences as you might want to output different watch agents to different directories.


          Good luck!