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    Is this real? Adobe Ovation 2.0 License?

      I found the following webpage but it makes no sense because as far as I know Adobe has not created a 2.0 version of Ovation (which is extremely disappointing that they have not ). Another reason I think it is strange is that their "academic" pricing is the same as the retail price and THEN they add extra costs for the manual and some kind of insurance.





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          I have just wasted a whole day trying to get Ovation to work as a trail. Tried to re-download and every help and forum advice. Then I find out that it does not function on Vista or Office 2007. There is a small note at the bottom of the system requirements page. What planet are these morons on. Its 2009, why promote a product that is 7 years out of date.Technical help just wasted 20 mins and then told me support for trail products is only available on line. Now i am really going to go out and buy lots of Adobe products!!!!!!!!