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    help - cannot upload pdf file to site


      My computer was recently upgraded, and I am having a problem uploading a pdf document to my site.  I have Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard, Dreamweaver MX2004.  I create a report in Microsoft Access, print to Adobe, save as a pdf file on my local folder.  I used to be able to "put" the document to my remote site, but that option no longer appears. I am not a techie....help?!?

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          rmorgan Level 1

          1. Check your setup and see if you have the connection setup for the remote computer. You could be telling it to put, but it does not know how or where to put it.


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            wachabeac Level 1

            Thanks, morgan, but I don't even get the option to "put" the document.  When I right click on the pdf file in the local folder, all I get is "new file, new folder, open, open with, edit, select all, preview in browser", or "copy, paste, delete, rename".  I have tried copying and pasting to the server, it did not work.  I have tested my links in the html page, and they are correct.  I used to be able to either "put" or "save file to remote server" to place documents, but now I don't get those options.  The document is there on my local folder, it previews in the browsers correctly.  When I am in the remote site, browser preview gives me the "file not found" message.  When I try to open the document from the remote site, I get the message "Adobe could not open the document because it is either an unsupported format or was damaged".  I have deleted the document, created it again, saved it in the local site again, but cannot seem to correct it on the server. Like I said, I am not very knowledgeable in this stuff, so maybe it's something incredibly simple that I'm overlooking?

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              rmorgan Level 1

              Sounds like you need to setup the site in manage sites, and/or you need to map a drive to the remote server.

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                wachabeac Level 1

                I have set up the site in "manage sites", and changes I have made to html pages have uploaded without any problem, so I don't think that's it.  It's just adding pdf documents that is not working.  After my Windows upgrade there was an issue with my parent company's firewall, but that was resolved.


                I will check the mapping.  Thanks again.