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    Problems calling context-sensitive AIRHelp from Adobe Flex App


      Hi everyone...

      I´m having problems calling context-sesitive AIRHelp from Flex.


      I can launch the help from flex using the following code (flex), but allways starts on the default topic.


      private function invocarAirHelp(tema:String):void {
            var appID:String = "pc1";
            var pubID:String = "8C47FDE4638CAF7F210634E52A5F8318D893A57C.1";
            var mgr:ProductManager = new ProductManager("airappinstaller");               
            mgr.launch("-launch " + appID + " " + pubID);



      the launch method can recive parameters after the publisherID, but i dont know the parameters that i should give to the method to start the AIRHelp on an specific topic.


      I tryed using the parameters as the call was on the command line, ex:


        mgr.launch("-launch " + appID + " " + pubID + " -csh mapnumber 12");


      but i can get any results... with those parameters the help application doesn´t even start



      Anyone have an idea to make this works?


      Thanks in advance, Sabin