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    HDV preset disappear, always crash, file too big


      I have several problem with premiere cs4 on my Mac Os x 10.5.8.

      before unistall cs4 I'm trying to resolve the problems because I have a important project not exported yet and that I can't open anymore.

      after found some plug in that make premiere crashing everytime and deleted them, now it opens but can't support anymore any file inside my project saying they're too big size! ( until last week it was working perfectly!)

      now I just saw thet I don't have anymore the HDV preset , what's going on ?

      shall I unistall it and start again?!

      How can I open my project again with out lost anything??

      many thanks

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          You can try removing the preferences and see if that helps you.  user>documents>Adobe>Premiere Pro.  Take the 4.0 folder to your desktop and start Premiere Pro.  If that doesn't work, I would probably uninstall and reinstall just to be sure.


          To uninstall on Mac go to the utilities folder and look at the ADobe Installers folder.  There you should be able to uninstall (yes, you even have to do it on a Mac!)


          Hope this helps,