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    FAQ: A glossary of video terms

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Many people new to video editing have a number of commonalities:


      1. They lack experience and often education in video editing.

      2. They encounter difficulties on their first few projects and come to a forum for help.

      3. They phrase a question that makes sense to them, but often not to more regular users.

      4. They miss the knowledge about commonly used terms and definitions.


      These factors combined can lead to misunderstandings and wild guessing.


      To help you phrase your question it may be worthwhile to have a look here: http://www.manifest-tech.com/links/video_terms.htm

      so you can phrase your question with the right terms.


      For instance, capturing and transfer are completely different animals used for different source materials. Using the proper term helps regulars to more quickly understand the problem.


      Another example, rendering and encoding are completely different as well.


      Hope this helps newbies to more accurately describe their problem or question and get a more speedy reply.