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    Adobe Reader Speed Launcher


      I recently updated my Adobe Reader and immediately started having issues where if my mouse even comes close to a pdf file in explorer, reader launches completely blanking out everything else on the screen. The help file tells you how to deactivate/remove it, by removing reader_sl.exe from specific startup folders. Since the file didn't appear in "any" start up directory, I tried deactivating it in msconfig, I removed it from my registry and even moved the file from the program directory to another directory that I made, and restarted the computer. The problem still exists. I can't have it blocking up the My Documents folder when the mouse simply moves near any PDF file. If Adobe can't provide a solution, I will have no choice but to delete Adobe Reader and go to a third party reader. It's a shame because I always liked reader. Now that it is crippling my computer, it's really not worth having! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this???