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    Does flex application support shortcuts in IE?


      Hello to Everybody,


      Developing a flex application and trying to provide it with support of shortcuts I have faced an interesting issue connected with listening to special keys combination in IE (e.g. Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V). Those combinations work fine in Firefox, but unfortunately they don't in IE.My last attempt to get it working was integration of JavaScript-based keyboards event handling into HTML wrapper of my application. It is able to catch pretty wide range of key codes and keys combinations but unfortunately for the HTML page with my flex application having no focus only. I mean it works until my application gets focus e.g. by mouse being clicked on it. As soon it gets focus it stops getting any keyboard events until it loses focus again.

      Here is the basic approach to catch keyboard events in JavaScript.

      My supposition on that is that Flash Player ActiveX component does not provide any notifications about keyboard events or provides those events in a different way.


      Please share your ideas, opinions, suppositions. Adobe support is welcome deeply.