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    Gemfire problem

    hdinfo Level 1

      I have a problem with 2-node cluster installation of Livececle ES 8.2 Update 1.


      After installing and configuring both jboss servers i get following errors on whichever server that is started second.


      First error is allways (from server.log):


      at  com.adobe.livecycle.cache.adapter.CacheAdapterFactory.getCache(CacheAdapterFactory.java:1 02)




      Caused by:  com.gemstone.gemfire.SystemConnectException: Received no connection  acknowledgments from any of the 1 senior cache members: NODE1:2359/2356
      at  com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed.internal.DistributionManager.sendStartupMessage(Distribu tionManager.java:2099)
      at  com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed.internal.DistributionManager.create(DistributionManager. java:474)
      at  com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.initialize(InternalDi stributedSystem.java:398)
      at  com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.<init>(InternalDistri butedSystem.java:259)
      at  com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed.internal.InternalDistributedSystem.newInstance(InternalD istributedSystem.java:161)
      at  com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed.DistributedSystem.connect(DistributedSystem.java:745)
      at  com.adobe.livecycle.cache.adapter.GemfireCacheAdapter.<clinit>(GemfireCacheAdapter.java:1 40)
      ...  222 more
      These errors then repeat several times causing failed deployment for umcache.war and consequently failed deployment for livecycle core.
      My gemfire.log shows:
      [info 2009/05/08 15:50:48.328 CEST GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] GemFire P2P Listener started on tcp:///
      [info 2009/05/08 15:51:04.015 CEST GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] Starting distribution manager NODE2:2249/2246
      [info 2009/05/08 15:51:20.531 CEST GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] Initial (membershipManager) view = [NODE1:2359/2356, LCPROD-NODE2:2249/2246]
      [info 2009/05/08 15:51:20.531 CEST GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] DMMembership: admitting member <NODE1:2359/2356>; now there are 1 non-admin member(s)
      [info 2009/05/08 15:51:20.531 CEST GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] DMMembership: admitting member <NODE2:2249/2246>; now there are 2 non-admin member(s)
      [warning 2009/05/08 15:51:52.093 CEST  GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] Membership: received connection  from <NODE1:2359/2356> but received no startup response after 15000  ms.
      [warning 2009/05/08 15:51:52.093 CEST  GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] Membership: startup timed out  after waiting 15000 milliseconds for responses from  [NODE1:2359/2356]
      [info 2009/05/08 15:51:53.203 CEST  GemfireCacheAdapter <main> nid=0xba9340] Now closing distribution for  NODE2:2249/2246
      It seems that nodes are able to find each other via UDP multicast but node that is started first doesn't reply (in 15 seconds) to startup message sent by second node.
      If i start one server with different multicast port (–Dadobe.multicast-port) so that nodes cannot see each other then both servers start without errors.
      I followed all instructions for cluster deployment and installation to best of my knowledge but this error keeps appearing.
      Please help.
      Zeljko Vranic