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    Playback Screen in Premiere CS4 freezes with AVI's?


      I just upgraded from CS3 to CS4 Premiere Pro and was very excited to begin editing. I imported an AVI file and, upon pushing play, watched the Playback screen freeze on the first frame. The audio plays as it should, with no warping or lagging, but the image stays the same (though every five seconds or so it'll jerk to the next frame in the movie file.)


      I also encountered another problem where, when I imported a different AVI clip to CS4, the clip played at super super speed (even when I slowed it down considerably with effects, it was still faster than normal). I'd always had a few problems with that particular batch of clips in CS3, but nothing like that.


      I did read this post about Premiere Pro CS4 having trouble with AVI clips:


      But my technology-challenged brain is still confused as to what to do. I downloaded Gspot as directed and ran the file through it. (As shown in my attached screen shot)


      Any and all help is welcome! Thanks so much!