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    HELP!! "Brew app msg." haunting

    neermac Community Member

      I have a Samsung Messager through Cricket wireless. I have not downloaded anything, but keep getting alert "Brew app msg. Open slide and press YES to continue". Cricket says not from them. It is a download, BUT I haven't downloaded anything.


      This alert is now coming up to 10 times per day and stops all other operations that are going on at the time... phone call/text coming in/out, etc.


      How do I make it GO AWAY!?! Connections hard enough out here without having to do twice/three times.


      Seriously troubled on a peaceful river bank in So.Tx,


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          celinam Community Member

          Don't know if you still have the question, but when we had a similar issue with our Samsung we found Solution on the 2nd page in google, hope that helps

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            If you send an SMS as with “//BREW:CLASSID:” as the
            beginning of the message then an app with “CLASSID” mentioned in the SMS will
            get an “EVT_APP_MESSAGE” event (on the device to which the SMS has been sent).
            And application can handle this event as per their requirement (like starting
            an application).
            If you want to start an app on BREW directed SMS,
            your handle event should have the following code and the message you need to
            send from some other/same device is
            case EVT_APP_MESSAGE:
            // Add your code here...
            DBGPRINTF(" BREW directed Message

            (#define AEECLSID_C_BASICAPP 0x010aba4d)

            Thanks & Regards
            Sridhar A.


            ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــ