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    Flash lite 3.1 on Nokia 5800

    jadezoole Community Member

      I'm a little bit confused, that I can't normally install flash lite 3.1 on Nokia 5800 phone. I created an 3.1 project, and now I wanted to test on 5800.


      The problem, that in hungarian localization firmware of 5800 doesn't contain software updateter. I installed flash lite distributed player, but it seems that doesnt support touch screen. Can I download the normal flash lite 3.1 on my phone? Maybe flash lite distrubuted player should have touch screen support?


      And what is adobe version checker good for? It does nothing, just says no "Adobe Flash lite available for this phone".


      Any solution? Thanks in advance.

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          gindala Community Member

          Hi Jade


          The distributable player does not offically support the 5800 and thus doesn't activate the touchscreen for any Nokia touch devices yet - if you're not able to update your Flash Lite to 3.1 by using the "software update" on the phone, then you will need to wait for distributable player to become available for 5800/N97.


          A lot of us are in the same position, hoping for an announcement during Max 2009.


          Hope this helps



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            edzhstar Community Member

            I cant update the flash lite into my nokia 5800 over the air. what should i do? http://www.dailybuzzonline.com/ says here that i should go to adobe forum to answer my questions about the flash lite 3.1


            PLEASE HELP ME

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              gindala Community Member

              If you are having problems with OTA (I had problems also on my 5800), try the Nokia Software Updater (http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and-software/download-software/device-software-update) - you will need a USB cable to connect your 5800 to your PC (not for Mac) - that will download the latest firmware from an online source and update your firmware - that will either upgrade to 3.1 for you, or hopefully allow you to update OTA.


              Hope that helps!



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                jadezoole Community Member

                The problem is with the software update, I tried to update via NSU and via phone too.

                There are some devices for example if you buy one from T-mobile, that have special localized firmware and you cannot update from that version to the latest Nokia firmware (now the lastest is 31.0.008, on my phone I can upgrade to only 21.0.025).

                Flash distributed player can be a solution, however its currently doesn't support touch UI.


                I'm stucked

                As a matter of fact I tried Kunerilite GPS example (.sis) and replaced the swf, its worked in this way, however its horrible even to test some applicaiton.

                Adobe: please update Flash distributed player