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    Multi-language website: Chinese, no problem, Vietnamese, grief

    Rob Hecker2-uhQIgt Level 2

      I am building a website where the visitor can choose between English, Chinese, and Vietnamese for the text they will see on the site. To accomplish this, all the text for the site is contained in a MySQL database, and the pages are populated with text depending on the visitor's language choice.


      The English and Chinese display just fine, but the Vietnamese is giving me grief.


      I have set the web page content types to utf8.

      I have added the following to my MySQL connection: mysql_query("set names 'utf8'");

      The characterset for the database is set to utf8.


      Still, much of the Vietnamese text is displaying "bad" characters with ??? in them.


      The site can be viewed here:



      Has anyone else been down this road? Any thoughts?