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    cfid & cftoken keep resetting everytime time the page refreshes!!!!


      I need some assistance.  I have setup several CF applications and never had any issues with session/application management.  However this time around every time I refresh the page it gives me a new cfid and cftoken.  Obviously it won't allow me to keep my session and I get redirected to the log in page.  Here is how I am setting up my application.  Does anyone see any issues with this?


      This.name = 'ApplicationName';
      This.sessionManagement = "yes";
      This.applicationtimeout = CreateTimeSpan(0,1,0,0);
      This.sessionTimeout = CreateTimeSpan(0,0,20,0);
      This.setclientcookies = "no";
      This.setdomaincookies = "no";


      Side question, when is the cfid and cftoken suppose to change?  When I land on the page for the first time before I log in the cfid & cftoken get set.  That will be the same cfid & cftoken for the full session.  Then the cfid & cftoken gets dropped once the application has timed out?  (maybe a dumb question...)


      Please Help!!!