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    Dynamic Form Elements?

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      How can I generate some form fields such as <mx:TextInput>, <mx:ComboBox>, dynamically?  Say I have a database call that returns 4 records.  I want to generate 4 sets of form fields, each set having things like first name, last name, address fields.  But each form field can still be uniquely identified.


      I have done this in html and coldfusion by just appeneding the primary key value to each form field (i.e, <input type="html", id="first_name_#i#" name="first_name_#i#  />

      Ultimately, you get a set of identical fields but each field is uniquely named so it can be referenced.  The number of repeating sets is equal to the number of records returned from the query.


      Any help appreciated on how to get this done.... hope it makes sense.