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    Sony BDP-S300 Blu-Ray Player "sees" discs funny

    theGadgetGuy Level 1

      I have just burned my first series of Blu-Ray discs in Encore, after using Sony Vegas for years to author my productions.


      All of my prior created discs, as well as commercial movies, start up with "Menu" displayed in the player display window and start playing the disc's menu as the first play action.


      When I put a Blu-Ray disc created by Encore into my BDP-S300 I do not get the "Menu" message displayed.  Instead I get either "BD-ROM 1 Play" or "AVCHD 2 Play" shown.


      These "strange" formats seem to operate correctly in terms of moving around the menu and selecting play options, but the background music that should be under the menu only plays for about 15 seconds (out of a 90+ second audio stream).  It is then quiet until the repeat loop starts again and then plays 15 seconds and goes silent, etc, etc, etc.


      I'm at a loss as to what is happening.  When I make a standard DVD, all works correctly and w/o problems.  It seems only related to the Blu-ray discs.


      Any ideas what/why is going on and how I might correct it?


      Much thanks!!!