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    Can someone recommend the proper software?


      I have a set of MS Word documents that I would like to package. I thought that Encore would be the best choice, but because they are documents, I can't put them into the timeline. Any suggestions for an app that create a really nice package?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What do you mean by "package"?


          What is it you are trying to do?


          Once you explain what you want to DO, someone may be able to suggest software

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            mkspot2 Level 1

            I am trying to create a nice looking menu driven DVD. Instead of listing the documents, I want to create a DVD menu that will take them to their selection, in the same way a movie menu would on a DVD.  Make sense?

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Computer files do not work with Encore, only movie files


              You MIGHT be able to do what you want by converting each word document to a picture (I have no idea how you would do that) and then use the pictures to create a slideshow


              A movie DVD is just not designed to work with computer files... that is not part of the DVD specification, and therefore will not play in a set top box attached to a TV


              For a computer presentation you could use Microsoft Powerpoint... but that does not play on a movie DVD player

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As John points out, DVD-Video is not the format for what you want to do,with exactly what you have (see next paragraph). The closest that you can do would be to add the DOC's in a DVD ROM folder, and allow a user on a computer to access those via the necessary programs. For this, I'd make sure to point out the existance of the ROM material on the disc, on the packaging, and probably with an instructional Title in the DVD-content part of the disc.


                One could do a series of AV files (in PrPro, or another NLE), where the DOC's would appear as Titles. One could then link to these from Menus. They would be "motion" files, but would be comprised of static text Titles instead. Just think of your DOC's as a series of long Titles, like very long credits. I've done similar, and used Photoshop to create the static graphics of the text as .PSD's, which were Imported into PrPro, and then Exported to go to Encore.


                Now, work was being done by Sonic on eDVD, but it was discontinued. Had that Project completed, it would likely have been able to do similar to what you want.


                To get closer to what you state, I'd look into doing an interactive Flash project. This could be delivered on a DVD-Data disc. One could build in interactivity, but then playing the disc on a set-top player through a TV would not be possible, unless on had a set-top player that supported Flash from a DVD-Data.


                Good luck,