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    The limit of Flash Lite 3.0?

    Saro_cmos Community Member

      Is there any resource to know the limit of Flash Lite 3.0? for example how many images FL3 can handle, how big FL3 can load files, etc.  Thanks

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          mista alter



          guess if you ask how many images FL3 can handle,  have to ask how big each images that you want to put in. ;D

          in the other hand, did the max size depending on the mobile phone model that we choose, rite?


          I still not install CS3, lol....will install it soon, and do some testing on it.... then cs4...

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            datedire Community Member

            Flash Lite 3.0 offers 8 Mb dynamic memory. When you load XML, graphic or sound, you can load a file of 3/4 Mo, but just once. Flash Lite need 2/3 Mb memory to work properly. I suggest to never load a file bigger than 300/500 ko if you want to load more than just one file. The garbage collector takes about 60 seconds to free memory. I also noticed loading graphics with high resolution kills the memory like graphics with more than 320 x 240 pixels. Example : 500x200 pixels might give you a "memory error". Memory and CPU are limiting Flash Lite according to the phone hardware. You need to run tests to know these limits. Also, even with a 3G connexion, downloading data/image over the internet is slow

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              mucatron Community Member



              To follow up on the question


              1. Flash Lite needs less than 1mb of RAM to run, although content would be pretty basic.

              2. Flash Lite does not limit the speed of networking, this come from the hardware and Mobile OS.

              3. When displaying images Flash Lite decompresses JPG/PNG files etc into bitmaps, a 30kb image may use 1MB of RAM.  This is also true of audio.

              4. Typical FL3 devices ship with 8MB of RAM at a minimum, later devices such as the Nokia 5800 allows 16-25mb of RAM

              5. With Flash Lite 3.1 image data is hardware accelerated using OpenVG hardware available on some devices.

              6. Garbage collection runs on a 60 second timer, or if the memory required per frame jumps by 30% or more.  You can test for memory leaks by setting a 100fps rate in Flash Professional and checking that your memory usage goes down, as well as up.


              Hope that helps.


              Mark Doherty

              Platform Evangelist - Mobile and Devices


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                Thank you mucatron  really useful answer