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    Gumbo Beta 2 - emdebFonts

    Pimenov Oleg Level 1

      This code has been working with Gumbo Beta 1

      [Embed(source="resources/Tahoma.otf",fontFamily="MyFont")] public static const FontRegular:Class; // Example - MinionPro or Tahoma 

      public static const FontRegularEmbedd:Font = new FontRegular();

      /**---Use in some Class or function-------------------------------------------------------------------*/          

           txt.defaultTextFormat = FORMAT_TXT; // Where define new TextFormat and .font = FontRegularEmbedd.fontName;
           txt.embedFonts = true;
              txt.text = "Some string";

      If using embedFonts , -- Font (textField) not showing on stage.


      Whats happen ?




      P.S. Also try using TextLine, Element and etc, but its not solution.