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    Samples -- PluginTest


      I see that the new OSMF source (file name:  osmf_source_s4.zip), includes a new sample: PluginTest (apps\samples\akamai\PluginTest)


      I have been unable to get this sample app working.  Could a member of the OSMF development team provide me guidance on how to get this working?


      fyi ... Following is a summary of some efforts that I have already made to get a working version of this sample.


      I am aware that the OSMF source file (osmf_source_s4.zip) includes both of the following packages:




      I recognized that when the sample runs, the "Plugin URL:" textinput defaults to:



      Since the samples package did not include the file AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf, I compiled the SWF of the same name using the project in the plugins directory (AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin).  I then posted the resulting SWF at a web url, tested that the url is valid, and then used it without success for the sample's "Plugin URL:" value.  (When I select "Load Plugin" the app displays "LOAD FAILED!")


      Again, thank you to all of the team for your great work on this project.


                           Best regards,



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          Hi Greg,


          Have you tried placing both the test app and the plugin swf on the web server?  You won't be able to load the test app with the "file://" protocol and then be able to succesfully load the swf due to the security restrictions in the Flash Player.


          The best way to work with plugins at dev time is to set up a web server running locally, such as Apache, and test your player code from a "localhost" URL.


          - Charles

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            greg.h. Level 1

            Hi Charles,




            I now have the PluginTest test app working.  (As you instructed, I now have on the web server both the test app and the plugin swf.)


            Thank you again for your great work.


                          Best regards,



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              Hi Greg,

              I place both the compiled the SWF (AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf) as well as other files in the bin-debug and the compiled the SWF

              (AkamaiPluginSample.swf) on the web server. All the files are placed the directory of the web server is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server

              3.5\webroot.I then open the AkamaiPluginSample.swf through IE, click the "Load Plugin" button, but displays

              "LOAD FAILED". The "Plugin URL:" textinput is http://localhost/AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf.

              Can you give me some details?