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    File Size Increased 500%?!?

    pmsquillace Level 1

      Hello All:


      I was asked to add some vector Typsetting to a photo image. So I took the photo image which was 5 MB and added about 2 lines of text and created outlines of them.


      When I saved it and went to email it back to the cutomer the file size was now 92MB?!?


      What did I do to make it that size? All I can tell you is that I changed from RGB mode to CMYK, do you think that may have done it?


      Thanks for any help or advice on the matter,



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          Printer_Rick Level 4

          If I understand correctly:


          You opened a 5MB RGB JPEG image in Illustrator. Converted to CMYK document mode, added text and saved an AI file.


          The increase in size is normal.


          A possible workaround. Open the AI. Click on the image in Links panel. Relink to the original RGB JPEG. Save as, and click off of PDF compatible file, and make sure Include linked files is off. Now email the AI and the JPEG both.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            Most likely embedded the image that would increase the size depending on the resolution and of course it actually turns the jpeg to tiff.


            that really increases the file size.


            Then you addd the paths you probably now have the profile embedded realy increases the file size.

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              pmsquillace Level 1

              Thanks Guys for helping me understand that this was not me and that it was what it was supposed to be doing.... illy that is.


              I will try that work around printer_rick and see if I can knock down the file size on that image.


              Thanks again,