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    How do you export a 1080i AVCHD project as an uncompressed file


      I have an AVCHD 1920x1080 60i 29.97fps project (shot on a Canon HF10) that I need to export as a self contained (audio/video together) uncompressed file that's playable in Windows Media Player or Quicktime Pro and that can be edited again later on if need be in Premiere Pro CS4.


      I have all the latest updates to CS4 and drivers, etc.  My PC is an i7 2.93 GHz, Vista SP2 32 bit, 6 GB RAM.  I have a GTX295 video card.


      Here's what I have tried so far:


      -I tried exporting as a Quicktime file and despite choosing widescreen the video plays back vertically squeezed.

      -I tried exporting using Uncompressed AVI and the file played back in Windows Media Player with aduio only and no video.

      -I chose Microsoft AVI and then chose "codec none" so it would be uncompressed.  I got video and audio but the video stutters.


      If I export to a Blu-ray MP4 or reduce the quality to a DVD AVI (720x480) it exports and plays back fine.


      On a different note, if I take the widescreen DV AVI and bring that into Quicktime Pro it looks vertically squeezed.


      Can anyone tell me what settings I should be using to export?  I want to be able to archive the file and reuse it later without losing quality.


      Can anyone recommend optimal settings to go to burn to Blu-ray too?  What's the best quality format to export to?