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    Illustrator default RGB black is gray

    tous0024 Community Member

      Group, I just got CS4 and I am working in RGB and when I hit D to set default colors the black is not black... It is a dark grey.  Basically the same if you take something that is black in a CMYK document and paste it into an RGB document.  The black becomes gray.  Can't figure out what color setting to change to set blacks as "Rich Black."  Under Edit - Preferences - Appearance of black, it is set to Rich Black.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Printer_Rick Community Member

          "D" sets default stroke and fill (Unlike Photoshop)


          Define a new swatch R0 G0 B0. That is RGB black.

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            tomaugerdotcom Community Member

            I'm sure the OP is aware of what the "D" key does - hence his question.


            The question refers to figuring out how to make the black that goes into the stroke swatch when you press "D" RGB 0,0,0 rather than RGB 35,31,32.


            The answer is to change the colour inside the Black swatch. If you look at your Swatches palette, you will see that the fourth swatch in is Black. By default, Illustrator ships with this Black being equivalent to CMYK 0,0,0,100, which makes sense if you're working in CMYK a lot.


            If you find yourself doing web work and you wish to change the default Black to RGB 0,0,0 just edit this swatch colour.


            To do this on a one-off basis (you have to repeat this for each document), then just double-click the swatch in the Swatches palette and edit the colour. It's not a Global colour swatch by default, so this will NOT change any existing items in your document that have been filled with that colour. However, if you press "D" now on your keyboard, your default stroke will get set to RGB 0,0,0 black.


            If you're doing this often, you'll want to set this up as your default colour going forward - every time you open a new document. To do this, you need to edit the default document profile. This process is outlined in Adobe KB article documented here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/400/kb400732.html


            But for convenience, I'm reposting the information (note these are an AI CS3 instructions, so be sure to check for your version):

            To create a custom New Document Profile

            To create a custom document profile in Illustrator CS3:

            1. Open the New Document Profile file you want to customize in the New Document Profiles folder located in the below directories.
              • Windows: Documents and Settings\(User)\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3 Settings.
              • Mac OS: Users\(User)\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS3
            2. Delete any existing swatches, graphic styles, brushes, or symbols you dont want to retain.
            3. Do any of the following:
              • Create any colors, patterns, and gradients you want, and save them as swatches. You can also import swatches using the Swatch Libraries command and then move the swatches you want in the Document Profile file into the default Swatches panel.
              • Save any graph designs that you want available in your files using the Graph Design dialog box.
              • Create any graphic styles you want and save them to the Graphic Styles panel.
              • Create any brushes you want and save them to the Brushes panel.
              • Create any symbols you want and save them to the Symbols panel.
              • Select the options you want as default settings from the following: View preferences (from the View menu), ruler origins, page origins, print settings (in the Print dialog box, File > Print), and actions.
            4. Save the Document Profile file and restart Illustrator.

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              hartkitt Community Member

              Thank you for the detailed response. I found that the only way I could resave any existing gradients with black so that they re-opened with a proper 0,0,0 rgb black was to delete the gradients and recreate them from scratch for the new document profile. Maybe I missed something.


              This whole black issue is very annoying. And print-centric.

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                [scott] Community Member

                This happens when you open a CMYK document, then change the color mode to RGB. If you start with an RGB document profile RGB Black is 0,0,0

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                  hartkitt Community Member

                  I was starting from modifying the "Basic RGB" new document profile. The black swatch in that profile is rgb 0,0,0 but not the basic black gradient that opens in the swatches panel.


                  The black gradients are made with that black in which the RGB numbers are around 30. I couldn't get it to stick at 0,0,0 black in the gradient swatch for a new profile until I actually deleted the gradient and built it from scratch.

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                    Monika Gause CommunityMVP

                    THe black in the gradients actually is a grayscale swatch, which converts to a dark grey in RGB.

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                      brendanparker Community Member

                      Does anyone have a solution? I'm having this same problem (with CS3) and it's very annoying.


                      I think aside from Photoshop and Reader, Adobe products are VERY unintuitive and error-prone. And this is coming from a professional designer... and usability engineer.

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                        Monika Gause CommunityMVP

                        The solution is to always work with the correct document profile (that is an RGB document profile when you want to do RGB work) and to not use a greyscale swatch, but the black one when in RGB mode.

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                          mistyquelove Community Member

                          ♥ Hope this will help!