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    Submit won't work inside a downloaded pdf form




      I use a simple script for submitting a form to my web hosting provider server:



                      cURL: 'http://www.fatcow.com/scripts/formemail.bml',

                      cSubmitAs: 'HTML',

                      cCharset: 'utf-8',



      I made it work fine after several trials and errors, but there seems to be a new challenge..


      If a user hasn't yet integrated adobe reader with his web browser, then he will be prompted
      to download the pdf. In this case though, the formail script, that my provider uses, won't authenticate and he
      will end up with a downloaded form and an error when trying to submit it.. :|


      I am trying to figure out a safety valve for this problem. Maybe, a way to avoid pdf downloading, or at least displaying a warning if someone tries to download. Or even a check procedure that validates the pdf is located on the website before it tries to submit.


      Of course the best solution would be to make it possible to submit even if the pdf is downloaded, but fatcow crew responded that their formail script is only designed for html usage and I should rewrite the form in html format!


      Any ideas and/or suggestions are highly appreciated, thanks!