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    Im stumped with loading an id number into flash.

      I have a flash file (actionscript 2) created that calls an external text file, and loads it into a scrolling text area.

      example: // send and load variables
      lv.load(" http://website.com/" + id + ".txt");

      the url i want to load looks like this:

      the "1" is the id number. i have multiple id numbers. example: "2", "3", "4" , etc.

      if i direct link it like: lv.load(" http://website.com/1.txt"); it works perfect.

      however, since i have multiple files, i want to determine the url by the "embed code"

      so i have something like
      <param name="movie" value="events.swf?id=12" /> and
      <embed src="events.swf?id=1" .....

      for some reason its not work. I thought I had it right, but apparently not.

      I have been wasting hours on this. Someone please help.