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    NetStream stops buffering

    bswett Level 1
      I'm using NetStream to play video off of my Flash Media Server. If I play a video that is shorter than a minute, I have no problems; the video plays smoothly.

      If I play a video that is longer than a minute, then the video plays for approximately 2.5 seconds, then it freezes up and won't continue playing. Looking at the stream info messages, I see that it starts playing when the NetStream.Buffer.Full message is sent, then freezes when the NetStream.Buffer.Empty message is sent. I wait a long time, but another NetStream.Buffer.Full message never arrives. Additionally, when I look at the bandwidth usage in my FMS admin console, I see a large spike in BW usage when the buffer is first filled, then it drops down to 0 again (meaning the buffer is not being refilled after that).

      Another puzzling aspect of this is if I set the bufferTime to 20 seconds, it will still only fill the buffer to about 2.5 seconds before it starts playing. If I set the bufferTime to 200 seconds (much greater than the length of the video), then the entire video will preload and it will play just fine. This is not really an acceptable solution, however, since I could be using this for some much longer videos.

      Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!