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    Ligature Issues with Gujarati fonts in Flash

      Hi All,
      I have this problem with Gujarati fonts like - "Shree", "Shruti" etc. The fonts appear fine in Word Documents - But when I copy paste them into a text field in Flash they either space out or sometimes few additional characters appear. There is a complete mismatch with the actual text and the texts when pasted in Flash.

      I am sure its the issue with ligatures not being identified by Flash. But does anyone have an solution for this issue.
      It will be awesome if adobe rectifies this . :)

      Can anyone please help me on this?

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          Rothrock Level 5
          I don't know about Gujarati, but I've experienced similar things with Hindi. The Flash authoring environment doesn't seem to like complex scripts.

          I have had success loading external xml files in Hindi, but there are still a few issues. You will have the most luck and success if you use unicode (UTF-8).

          I'm not sure if Word has its own system or if it uses Unicode. My guess is that Word doesn't use Unicode and so that could cause yet more problems.

          My understanding is that Flash 10 (CS4) was to include a lot better support for world languages. I had seem some early videos of this, but the recent release announcement didn't say anything about this. So I don't know if it made it into the released version. We shall see.