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    Drag & Drop data type onto a grid

    RedOctober57 Level 1

      Can anyone tell me, or direct me to the video that shows how one can drag a data type (or what ever) from the Data/Services tree onto an Advanced DataGrid, and then run the program, and the user can then edit the grid, add records, delete records and the changes will be committed to the back end DB?  I can get my grid to populate, and I can edit the data in a cell, but that's it.  No posting/commiting, no deleting etc.


      Also, the "Configure Return Type" button on the Data/Services panel is still not working.  I select a service, click the button, and nothing happens, no warning, no error message.. and my return type in the tree still shows "Object".   I have to reboot PC, then do a Drag & Drop which then gives me the option of configuring a return type.  Or occasionally I get lucky and after a reboot, it will work one time.. but never after I set one data type, it will stop working.  Is there a "hot fix" for this or do I just need to wait for Beta 3?