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    Premiere Pro CS4 - editing video from GoPro video camera

    gregmccarthy Level 1

      I am having a problem trying to edit video from the GoPro camera in Premiere Pro CS4 (PP). Have not been able to get much help from GoPro - they just tell me to speak with Adobe. I think the video codec used by the camera is MJPEG (?). It won't play at all on the timeline. Interestingly it will in After Effects (AE) CS4 and if I export it out of AE as a Microsoft AVI file I can then play it in PP. However if I go straight to Media Encoder and import the clip and then try export the clip via ME as a Microsoft AVI the exported clip from ME won't play in Premiere Pro. I am confused. Does anyone know this camera, it's codec and why it just won't work when directly imported into Premiere Pro but it will when imported directly into After Effects. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.