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    Can you recognize?


      Hey, guys


      Please, check the attached image.Can you tell me what tool was used to draw this lines (except the red one)? They´re too perfect, too straight to be drawn with a Brush, but it doesn´t act as a Line. I´m trying to emulate them to draw characters lineart, but don´t know how to.

      If you prefer, you can donwload a ".fla" file on http://rapidshare.com/files/295984810/lines.rar.html for better analysis.



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          From the attached JPG, I would guess that they were originally lines.  Probably drawn with the pencil tool, a wacom tablet, and a very sure hand.


          But, of course, they could of just been strokes on the larger shape.


          Then, when the shape was finished, it was likely converted to a fill for scaling and animation purposes. (Modify>Shape>Convert Lines to Fills)

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            if I were drawing in that style, I would first draw the lines normally, then go over it on a higher layer and outline the lines to fit the curves and such to be just the way I want them. then Id fill in the color, and delete all the lines.

            that would probably take a lot of time to animate, though.

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              StreetFighterIV Level 1

              I´m not sure that´s exactly how it´s drawn, but at least I´m feeling better because now I know there´s this "Convert Lines to Fills" thing. I´m one step closer.


              Thank you guys!