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    Convert [VB Script] link update script from CS to CS4




      I am having problems converting my old VB script to a CS4 version.

      The part that updates the links in my document isn't compatible anymore with CS4.

      I know that CS4 handles linked files differently than previous versions, but I figure out how to make it CS4 compatible.


      My script does the following:

      - open InDesign

      - open file

      - update all links (these are +/- 75 tagged text files)

      - save file as EPS file

      - close InDesign file without saving

      - close InDesign application


      The script:


      rem Open InDesign and File


      Set myInDesign = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS4")

      Set myDocument = myInDesign.open("C:\files\InDesignDocument.indd",False)


      rem Update all links

      For each link in myDocument.Links



      On error resume next


      rem Save file as EPS

      myInDesign.EPSExportPreferences.EPSColor = 1129142603

      myDocument.Export "EPS","C:\export\InDesignDocument.eps"


      rem Close document without saving and quit InDesign

      myDocument.Close 1852776480

      myInDesign.Quit 1852776480





      Is there someone who can help me with this?


      Thanks in advance,