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    Problems saving cs3

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      I have AI CS3 saved on the C drive of my master computer but for some reason whenever the slave comptuer is not on it will not save and gives me an error message saying illustrator has "encountered a problem and needs to close". Everything else works fine except for when it comes time to save, PS CS3 works fine and saves, as well as AI CS2. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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          Master? Slave? In any case, the error here is pretty clear: At the time of install, your "slave" computer was connected to the "master" and had one of its drives mapped to the main machine. That info then became permanently part of the install info and the active configuration, requiring the other machine to run. uninstall, use the CS3 Clean Script from teh support pages, re-install and do the first run with the otehr machine disconnected.



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            Thank you! Sorry if my terminology is not correct.