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    Performance Problem on Windows, OS X o.k.!



      I was just ready with programming a coverflow that will run on a windows touchscreen terminal in a museum. I am developing with OS X and FDT and the application runs smoothly on OS X, but when I testet it on both Windows and Linux, I realized that the animations look broken.

      In the application a group of 500x800px Bitmaps is tweened or just moved (same problem), even if I drag the application window there appears a strange effect... The bitmaps are flickering and it seems as if they are build line by line like on tv!? It is realy weird, I tried to switch Bitmap smoothing on and off, but switching it on only made it worse... System activity is normal and I really have no idea where to start searching. Can it be a hardware problem? I had to increase the framerate to 120 to make TweenMax run smoothly, but lowering doesn't seem to help, either...

      Any help would be very much appreciated!

      Thank you very much!

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          You might want to update your video card driver on Windows... Old or incorrect video card drive can affect performance in a negative way.

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            y2036 Level 1

            Thanks for your thoughts, i spent nearly the whole day figuring out why this effect appears and I realized it is gone on the new "Windows 7", probably also on Vista but I could not test it. Linux is the worst, in XP I could not find a way to solve the problem.


            The problem is also known as tearing and has something to do with v-sync and the different frequencies of the monitor and the Flash/Air Movie. Fortunately this effect does not appear on Windows 7, where the Air Apllication will finally run! OS X has also no problem with tearing.