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    Flash Slide Presentation CS4, back and forth navigation

    brandusa18 Level 1

      Hi all,


      What is the easiest way (for Fash novice) to navigate back and forth between the slides of presentation made with Flash Slide Presentation feature. Each slide contains animation and plays well the first time but when if I want to back to a slide, it would only show the last frame of that slide.


      I tried many things including making buttons for back and forth and managed to make buttons that fade when you pan over them (big accomplishment:) but can't get them to actually do stuff for me, like go forward and backward. I tried to assign to the button's frame "UP" thee following script but it doesn't work:


      onKeyDown = function() {

            if (Key.getCode() == Key.LEFT)

            gotoAndPlay (_currentframe-1)



      Does it make sense what I'm after? Anybody can help me? I started Flash a week ago and don't kow much and I have this presentation due at the end of the week. It works all well execpt for navigating back to slides after I ran the movie once.

      Also, when I run the movie the first time I ude the Right arrow to go to the next slide (because I will talk while presenting) and that happens without any scripting other than having stop() at the last frame of each slide.


      Thank you so much, I need the simplest way to do this because I'm a beginner.