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    Using onEnterFrame, movie clips, and timeline


      Hello Members,


      I have been digging around the AS 2 forum for some guidance on using the onEnterFrame function.

      I have not quite found my answer.  It seems that in general, it is not a good idea to use a frame number (or numbers)

      for running tweens.


      I would like to use onEnterFrame (unless it would be a bad practice) to tween letters (the letters are movieclips).


      for example:


      var frame: Number;


      this.onEnterFrame = function() {

           frame = this_currentframe;


           if (frame == 30)


               //tween this letter



           if (frame == 60)


              //tween the next letter



           if (frame > 90)


              delete this.onEnterFrame;




      I am attaching the movieclips to the stage at different levels.  I have no frames set in the timeline (like a keyframe at 1, and a keyframe at 91).


      When this function runs it never gets out of frame 1.  If I put keyframes on the timeline from 1 to 90, then it plays.  Is there a way to not have to create a timeline in the editor with a 90 frame span??


      I have a feeling I am missing something basic about using actionscript vs. the timeline for tweens, etc.