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    linkage identifiers conflict when using loadMovie

      My main movie clip (lesson.swf) contains a symbol with linkage identifier "window".
      I have another movie clip (grapher.swf, totally stand-alone application) which also contains a symbol with linkage identifier "window" (totally unrelated to the 1st one).
      I have a button in lesson.swf, it's onRelease code does the following:
      var mc = createEmptyMovieClip('grapher', getNextHighestDepth());

      I have another button which attaches a "window" symbol from the library to the root movie clip.
      After I click the button that opens grapher, this second button no longer works. I've debugged the problem, and
      found out the following - as soon as grapher is loaded, trying to attachMovie a "window" symbol somehow tries to attach the "window" library symbol from grapher.swf.
      How do I make the two movies isolated from each other? I.e., I don't know their library assets exported for actionscript conflicting?