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    Color Management issues

    EdSancook Level 1

      Anyone can tell me why this happens when I print this?

      Shouldn't the black print all the same, but some print lighter. I'm working on ckyk mode. Always have but all of the sudden my colors especially black are printing weird.

      Im using a Xerox 700 laser printer (Fiery output) I havent changed anything and now everytime i open a document or create a new one I have to change the color mode to RGB, otherwise it prints off, and older files I have to change settings on my palette on the black swatches, i've tried all

      CMYK at a 100 ea., 30 30 30 100, RGB at 100 100 100 etc. all print differently?

      is there a website qhere I can learn all these color management?

      We print full color magnets, ald silkscreen pens so I need also to print on vellum (film) and the black prints too light.