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    Files Missing

    Sam Stickler Level 1

      I posted this under customization but thought this was also a Workspace question.


      We want to create a custom web login for Workspace as per the Adobe documentation but have found in two LC 8.2 installs that the following files do not exist or are not where Adobe says they are;







      The first two are the most important.  Anyone have access to the following files or know another place we should look?


      Thank you

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          GilbertYu Level 2



          You had asked where these files are located in LiveCycle ES Update 1 (8.2)


          • workspace_rb.swc (swf?)
          • fds.swc
          • workspace-theme.swc (swf?)
          • workspace-toast.swc



          There is no workspace_rb.swc (resource bundle) but a workspace_rb_locale.swf file for each language. For example, for US English, the SWF file is workspace_rb_en_US.swf, which is created when you compile the Workspace source code. There is no workpace-theme.swc but a workspace-theme.swf which is also created when you compile the Workspace source code. .The Workspace source code is located on the server. For example, for a typical server install, at C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\LiveCycle_ES_SDK\misc\Process_Management\Workspace\adobe-workspace- src.zip. Refer to the http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_lc_customizeWorkspace_82 to understand how to configure Flex Builder 3.x to compile the source code.


          If you load the source, you should also see default workspace_rb_[locale code].swf files.


          There is no workspace-toast.swc file in LiveCycle 8.2 Update 1.


          For the fds.swc and fds_rb.swc, you get it from C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\LiveCycle_ES_SDK\misc\DataServices\Client-Libraries on the server.


          Hope that helps!



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            Thanks for the response.


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