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    Path editing tools/techniques

    Gex14286 Level 1

      Hello all

      I've spent a lot of time working with a program called Flexisign that provides a wonderful set of path editing (if "path editing" is not the correct terminology than please excuse me.) tools. I was wondering if there were easy ways to achieve the same effect in illustrator or if I shoud try and suggest some new tools?


      Heres a couple tools a long with examples of how they work...


      1. Straighten Points -  simply click on a path and drag along the area that needs to be straightened out. Also recuces points. see pic 1


      2. 3 point arc - click on a path and either drag or click again to see the arc. the arc is adjustable by the handle in the middle and you can also slide the side handles to shorten or lenghten the arc. reduces points. see pic 2


      3. Create Corners - click on 2 points which you would like there to be a sharp corner between and the program automatically determines where the point will be depending on the angles of art. see pic 3


      There's also a really handy hatchet tool that cuts things straight through like if you were to draw a line across an object than divide. 


      I often times run into circumstances where I need to use these tools but cant find any quick and easy way to do it in illustrator. Thanks for your help in advance everyone!