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    Sadeesh kumar

      How to give page nos in a new document like 1,2,3... or like chapters

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Hi Sadeesh,


          I think you've wandered into the wrong forum accidentally. This area is really for service providers (printers) to discuss problems and has a low activity level. You'll do better with general questions in the InDesign general discussion forum (http://forums.adobe.com/community/indesign/indesign_general).


          Page number sequencing is set up in the section and nubering options dialog that you can access through the pages panel menu. The numbers are added to a page by inserting a marker (special character) into a text frame, usually on a master page so they will appear on every page. You can add accompanying text in the same frame if you like that you want to appear with the number.


          "Chapter number" has a special meaning in InDesign. Each inidvidual document can have a chapter number, bu not more than one. When combined in a "Book" you can use differnt numbers for different files to have separate chapters, or many files can be part of the same book chapter. If you need more information, you shoud post a new question in the general discussion forum and provide details about what you want to do, along with information regarding your sytem and version of ID. You may also find what you need in the help files.