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    Panorama problems

    colorado user

      A. When I would make a panorama, here's the steps I took:


      1. Take pictures with my camera.

      2. Import into iPhoto'09.

      3. Assign titles to pictures and export into folder on desktop.

      4. Open Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and import photos from desktop folder.

      5. Let APE 6 create panorama and then save it back to the desktop folder.

      6. Import it using iPhoto'09. Edit it using enhance, crop, straighten, and adjust if necessary. It worked perfectly.


      B. I updated to Snow Leopard. When I imported it into iPhoto'09 and did the normal edit's everything slightly changed. As you can see in the attached movie the finished panorama would change sizes in the edit mode. I assumed that it was an interaction between iPhoto'09, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and Snow Leopard. So, I ordered Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. Note: Each panorama was composed of 3-6 pictures.


      C. I installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and it's still doing the same thing. Note it only changes size when I double click on a panorama picture. The 3rd picture was a normal size single picture.


      D. I have an Early 2009 24 inch iMac (2.93 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo) running OSX 10.6.1.


      E. Anyone have any suggestions or did you have the same problem and what corrections did you do?