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    LegendItem Data Clipping...




      I have chart with LegentItems of very long name.






      I would like to display the above legend items as,





      How can I achieve this in Legend.   (I actually tried with customlabel component to introduce ...,  but it doesn't work )


      Question No1:  Is there any default provision in Legend, that will address the above requirement

      Question No2:  Assume like the legend is very big initially and the user can Resize the legend component.  When user resizes the legend component, can we introduce the ... for legend item based on available space.  How can I achieve this dynamically.  ( I already have resizable legend component).

      Question No3:  Assume there are 10 Legend Items.  And I just want to display first(or select) 3 Legend Items.  Is there any option available for this?

      Question No4:  Legend automatically arranges legend items based on available space, because it actually extends a Tile Component and the legendItems gets repositions on every resize.   But when we have custom legend item created for legend, the custom components is not getting refreshed.  What methods should I call to redraw the Legend Items up every resize.


      This is a crucial requirement for me.  Please let me know ASAP.