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    MMC problem with IDS CS3 on x64 Windows 2008 Server




      I have installed IDS CS3 5.0.3 on Windows Server 2008 x64. It works fine on the command line and the service starts up OK. However, when I go to MMC and try to add the plug-in to configure my instances, the IDS plug-in is not in the list.


      This is not a problem on a 32-bit installation. Therefore I assume it is something to do with 32/64 bit versions of MMC. (I had a similar issue with ODBC configuration, there are two configuration apps installed (32 and 64bit), one has a shortcut in the admin tools and I need the other one)


      Can anyone shed any light on this or had the same problem?


      And I can't go to CS4 yet.




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          At a command prompt, try:


          cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS3 Server

          regsvr32 InDesignServerMMC64.dll


          (substituting correct install path, if that isn't right)


          Note 'InDesignServerMMC64.dll', not 'InDesignServerMMC.dll' - MMC requires an x64 compiled snap-in when run on an x64 OS.


          That should bring up a dialog saying regsvr32 succeeded.You may need to have opened the console window as administrator for that to succeed on 2008 Server.


          Then re-launch mmc.exe & it should appear.


          -Brendan O'Shea