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    Green tinge to print outs via Adobe Software

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      This is my first post, and am not exactly sure if this is the most appropriate forum. I have searched various discussions but can’t find anything that relates to our issue.


      We are an office using four PC’s and a Mac, each installed with Adobe CS4. We are experiencing a print quality issue, whereby documents printed via CS4, as well as Reader & Acrobat are all evidencing a green tinge to the greys and blues, and  the image is overall darker than it appears on screen. We use a Konica Minolta Magicolor 7450 II laser printer, and have installed the necessary drivers. We use InDesign from which files are exported as pdf's for print via Acrobat or Reader. Each time we print, the issue occurs.


      When images are printed via word or excel, they print fine, which leads me to believe it is an issue with Adobe software.


      Has anyone else encountered this? Or does anyone have any suggestions as to where the problem lies?


      Thank you.