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    FIRESTORE M2T import issue to CS2


      I am editing my HDV footage (m2t files) in CS2...and have been for quite sometime. Just recently, the import has become EXTREMELY sluggish and Premier is not playing well with the files. Now-the files are huge-it's a longform project so they are the 9 minute clips that the Firestore breaks them into. I have spoken to 'tech support' at Focus Enhancements and they tell me of some 'GOP' issue and that none of the CS platforms will handle those files correctly-funny-it's been fine for 3 and half years-why now?


      Does anybody have a suggestion/solution/workaraound for this? I am PC based with a Matrox RT.X2 set up.



      Judd Bares


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          Webshark2000 Level 1

          I had a client that came in once with a camera that used M2T files and I ended up downloading and installing an app that converted them to AVIs.  After that, Premiere didn't have a problem with them.  It's been a while and the computer's been wiped since then, but I did a quick search just now for M2T converter and quite a few hits came up.  Take a look at http://www.m2tconverter.com/


          As to why it would suddenly stop working, I'm not sure.  How large are your 9 min clips in Megs?  Is your hard drive formatted NTSC or FAT32?  Have you ever done clips 9 mins long before?