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    PopUpEvent class confusion


      I am using the Cairngorm Popup 1.0 library and have defined a popup like:


        <popup:PopUpWrapper id="newObjectClass" center="true" modal="true"

          <uid:NewObjectDialog id="newObjectDialog"/>


      However when I try to compile this I get an error like:


      [ERROR] /home/k/dev/src/flex-application/src/main/flex/Editor.mxml:[142,-1] Event type 'com.adobe.popup:PopUpEvent' is unavailable.


      If I removing the 'closed' attribute on the PopUpWrapper compilation succeeds.


      When I look at the library's PopUpBase I see that the following is declared:




      I cannot find the class com.adobe.popup.PopUpEvent although I do see that the library includes class com.adobe.cairngorm.popup.PopUpEvent.  Is the Event declaration in PopUpBase incorrect or am I missing something?